You’ve probably been around a guy who brings strife when he walks into a room. He’s either in an argument with someone or trying to get one started. He’s also pretty good at getting people mad at one another. If you hear about a feud going on at work, you have a pretty good idea who’s in the middle of it. Know the guy?

Then there’s the girl whom everyone goes to when they’re having problems with someone. They know she’ll be fair, level-headed, sensible. If called on to arbitrate she won’t be ruled by anger or other emotions. She brings people together, settles disputes, helps people get along. She’s a peacemaker—have you met her?

It’s not hard to figure out which one the Lord favors: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9).

Think about that last statement—“they shall be called children of God.” In other words, they’re like God.

In fact, it might be said that we’re never more like God than when we’re bringing people together. After all, that’s pretty much what the whole Bible story is about—God, through Christ, brings us out of rebellion back into a relationship with him. As our Mediator, the God-Man, Jesus joins our hands with God’s hands, restoring the relationship that we broke.

Jesus, the greatest peacemaker ever.

Want to be like Jesus?

Help a couple of disgruntled friends get beyond whatever got between them. Build bridges. Mend fences.

Be a calming influence with the people around you. Break down prejudices of all kinds—whether racial, social, class, or whatever. Peacemakers break down obstacles and help people get along.

Better yet—and perhaps this is what Jesus ultimately had in mind—be a peacemaker between God and sinful humanity. The peace has been established through Jesus, but God might use you to help someone find his way back to him.

You might be the Andrew who brings Peter to Jesus (John 1:40-41).

You might be the Paul who helps two sisters to stop quarrelling (Philippians 4:2).

You might be the one God uses to bring peace between your spouse and God, or between your children and God, or between a co-worker, friend, uncle, or neighbor and God.

The most miserable person in the room is the one who’s at odds with the people around him, and with God.

The one who looks most like Jesus is the one who brings peace wherever he goes.

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