Worshiping actively

Some things can be done mindlessly. I went to the ballpark yesterday and enjoyed sitting in my comfortable chair on a beautiful fall afternoon. I didn’t really put much effort into it, only clapping occasionally and shouting a few words of encouragement. It didn’t take any mental effort at all.

I like going to concerts occasionally as well, but I don’t contribute much there either. I just sit back and relax and take it all in, amazed at the ability of an entertainer to perform beautiful music.

Movies, too, are fun, but other than giving the theater half a week’s pay for a ticket and popcorn, I don’t contribute anything to the movie to make it better or worse. It is what it is, with or without my help.

I’m an observer, a receiver, a taker. I go to get, not give.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I often struggle to worship God properly. Maybe I’m confusing our place of worship with a different kind of arena with givers and receivers, presenters and observers, performers and critics.

But as we worship God today, we need to remember that He is our audience, and we are the performers. We’re active, not passive; givers, not takers.

Meditate on this well-known psalm this morning as you prepare for worship:

Oh come, let us sing to the LORD; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker! For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand (Psalm 95:1-7).

Let’s worship God today from our hearts. Let’s give Him our best—our focus, our hearts, our devotion.

He’s much more worthy of our devotion that the most talented athlete or performer, so let’s offer Him the best we have. Let’s fight the urge to sit back and observe and take; instead, let’s throw ourselves into worship with excitement and gratitude.

Have a great Sunday!

In Christ,

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